Thursday, April 12, 2012

Oven Roasted Asparagus

Dinner tonight was a large salad that was made with Romaine lettuce. It included cabbage (gotta include those cruciferous vegetables!), carrots, baby bella mushrooms, yellow pepper, cherry tomatoes, and cucumbers. Harrison detests salad. We have compromised and he gets a dish of fresh cut vegetables. I simply make sure he gets plenty of greens in his smoothies. Tonight he got cucmbers, cherry tomatoes and yellow peppers. The child could eat his weight in peppers, he loves them so!

I also made the famous (at least in my world!) caramelized brussel sprouts from Flower Patch Farm Girl. The littles (Harrison and McCartney) do NOT like them. I am trying to "train" their taste buds. I know that their tastes will change the longer we do this plan so I am trying to expose them. I have been giving them one half and requiring them to eat it. I announced tonight that next time we have them they will eat 2 halves. This goes against most of what I believe about eating. I do not like to force my kids to eat. But I look at this more like giving their bodies the opportunity to try things they are unaccustomed to and allowing for a chance for their taste buds to adapt. If they continue to not like it after a time, I will not force it. And just so you know, I HATE peppers. I am doing the same thing myself and forcing my body to acclimate.

You will also notice a bit of celery stalks on the table as well. Once again, the two boys (Harrison and Dustin) do not care for celery. I offer them a small amount of natural peanut butter with the celery and we will slowly phase that out after a time.

The remainder of our dinner was over roasted asparagus. I wrapped a pound of asparagus in foil, drizzled it with a tiny bit of olive oil and fresh cracker pepper. I simply put it on a baking pan and put it in the oven until it was tender (about 30 minutes or so) while I prepped everything else.

Finally, we had a freshly sliced cantaloupe for our fruit.

(I apologize for the poor quality photos, my camera is at work for a project and I wanted to document dinner for you!)


  1. YUM! I made this asparagus this week and LOVED it, if your family likes spice you might want to try it :)

  2. I am loving your blog - I started the Eating for Life program in March after going Gluten Free in January. I feel so great. And I am enjoying the new recipes and variety of foods you are making. As a single person, I am sure it is much easier for me to prepare meals, then as a family needing to make 3 meals a day/everyday. Some weekends my godsons are here, but they pretty much either eat what I make or they can order pizza (I hate pizza, so there is no temptation for me there). I hate Brussel Sprouts, so will never try them, but some of the other things you are cooking really look appetizing. I mostly do salads for lunch - because I love salads, and a big bowl of mixed (broccoli, cauliflower, peppers, carrots) vegetables at diner. Sometimes I mix it up with asparagus or another single vegetable. Breakfast is the most difficult because I am not my best in the morning. I have to eat breakfast, but I need it to be quick - so smoothies are generally the way I roll. I will make your breakfast cookies - maybe this weekend even. Anyway, you are doing great on the plan.