Tuesday, April 10, 2012

New me

We have been following our new way of eating for over a month now. It is amazing to me the changes I have seen in such a short time.

In the past month, we have eliminated all dairy products, all red meat, chicken and pork, white flour products, all soda and most salt. Our goal is to go 100% non-processed foods. It is a lofty goal, but one that is definitely attainable.

Not only do I feel better mentally, I feel better physically. The foot/ankle I injured in July was really not doing well just a month ago. It is now healing quite well and I have started physical therapy. I thought tendon repair surgery was in my future with a long recovery and it remarkably started doing better 2 weeks after I started this way of eating. I am far less grouchy and less irritable. I have LOADS of energy. My headaches have lessened to only 2 in the last month. I typically have 5 a week on average with a migraine at least once monthly of which I have had none so far. I am sleeping better. It is pretty astounding.

My daughter, McCartney, has lost 6 pounds and is looking good. Her digestive system is definitely clearing out which was the main impetus for giving up dairy. She is struggling with our food choices and I think her OCD plays a big part in that. We are working hard at changing her perceptions. It is getting easier. My youngest son, Harrison, has transitioned to the way of eating miraculously well, although he never really cared for meat. He LOVES fruit, vegetables and beans so this has been pretty easy. The oldest with FAS, Dustin, loves any food so his transition was easy. My husband is really doing great and has taken this on with a fervor. He is excited to be healthier and live longer. His goal is to get off all his diabetic meds. He is currently on half the dosage he was taking and his sugar levels are maintaining perfectly. His disposition has changed and I chalk that up to him sleeping better, feeling better and having a wife who is more pleasant.

All in all, it was a positive change. I hope that the benefits continue to roll in and we see many more changes in our future.

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  1. Congrats on your accomplishments so far! I know it can be a challenge to change your whole way of life, especially after being conditioned to eating a certain way for 30+ years! I stopped eating meat & dairy over 3 years ago and LOVE it! I am eating more foods now then before and I feel great! I do need to cut back on pastas and flour products. I know when I eat mainly fruits, veggies, beans & grains I lose weight, but gain it when I eat flour products. I'm taking inspiration from you and hope to lose at least 15 pounds by summer. Maybe I'll come live with your family for awhile since my husband is addicted to pastas, potatoes, & cheese and hates vegetables! It makes it very difficult to follow a diet when I have to make him something special!