Thursday, April 12, 2012

Avacado Black Bean Salad

This recipe was born of a couple different ones I have seen around. It was born out of necessity when I visited Florida with my mom last month and we had some ingredients and not others for the recipes. I made it for lunch again today. It is a keeper. So fresh, so satisfying and so, so good.

2 ears of corn - boil then cut off corn
1 half a spanish onion diced
4-5 roma tomatoes (or their equivalent - we used giant beefsteak tomatoes in Florida)
1 Avacado cubed
2 cans of black beans rinsed
chopped cilantro to your liking
juice of one whole lime
splash of vinegar
splash of olive oil
black pepper

Mix together and enjoy!

I was so excited to eat lunch, I forgot to take a picture. I promise one next time.

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