Monday, April 9, 2012


I have just started to juice. I originally got the juicer because I wanted to make fresh juice for the soup I am making. Many recipes call for fresh carrot juice, I figured in the long run I would enjoy having a juicer. I do!

The first juice I made was from the Five Frozen Chamorros blog. Her Red Rooster was amazing! The hubs thought it tasted a bit like the front lawn, but he drank it. Her recipe is as follows:

The Red Rooster

4 - 6 oranges/grapefruit combo (whatever you like, or what's in the fridge), peeled
4 - 6 carrots, greens removed (never juice carrot greens!)
2 beets, with greens (always juice the greens of beets)
1 lime, peeled
Strawberries, handful
Kale (1/2 bunch) and/or
Chard (1/2 bunch) and/or
Spinach, 2 - 3 handfuls
1 - 2 cups cold water to run through machine to get all juice out (savor EVERY drop)

A few comments. If you read her blog (which you should as it is great!) you will see that she talks about how much beets stain. She called them "nature's permanent marker" and boy howdy is she right! Three words: ruby red poop.

So tonight, I decided to make The Red Rooster again. I also made a carrot orange juice. Yummo!

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